Rules & Frequent Terms

This page is a living document that helps to deal with some of my short hand and descriptions of trading tools. It also has the three basic rules for my service:

1. Do not start a new position in the first 45 minutes of trading Monday or the first 30 minutes any other day.
1 a. If rule 1 means you miss a break out then so be it. If it comes back to the break out level prepare an entry only AFTER it stops falling and reverses back over the trigger.
2. Don’t buy a stock that is falling. Don’t short a stock as it is rising.

RSI – Relative Strength Index
SMA – Simple Moving Average
CS – Call Spread
PS – Put Spread
BTO – buy to Open
BTC – buy to close
STO – Sell to open
STC – Sell to close

If you are expanding any chart it will be blurry. Try this. On the web page click on the chart. It will essentially take you to a ‘page’ for that chart. Then click on the chart again. This makes it full browser size, without degrading the pixels.