When B’s and C’s are Better Than A’s

You have been told since you were 6 years old that A’s are better than B’s and C’s. And this is still the case in education. But there is a place where B’s and C’s look a bit better than A’s, the currency ETF’s. Take a look.

Currency Shares Australian Dollar Trust, $FXA

The Currency Shares Australian Dollar Trust, $FXA, which tracks the Australian Dollar, is bouncing off of the bottom rail of an ascending wedge. The trend is clearly higher as long as it holds that level as support. But this is more of a slow slog than a hard bounce. The A’s will look better if they can get over the 50 day Simple Moving Average (SMA) just overhead. But this is not that exciting.

Currency Shares British Pound Sterling Trust, $FXB

The Currency Shares British Pound Sterling Trust, $FXB, however found a bottom 4 days ago and is making a V shaped recovery. This B has support to continue higher form a rising Relative Strength Index (RSI) as well. Mind the gap at 157.34 but over that it looks good to 159.

Currency Shares Canadian Dollar Trust, $FXC

The Currency Shares Canadian Dollar Trust, $FXC, is similar to the B’s. This C also has been rising in a V shaped recovery since 4 days ago but looks even better. It has support from the RSI rising but it also has room to the gap higher between 100.34 to 100.85 and the 101.20 area above that. So there you have it. The C’s look better than B’s and both are better than A’s.

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