What are you thankful for?

As I look back this Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for. If you have held your cool and followed price action, then you have had a fruitful (sorry for the pun…. not sorry) year to this point. I am also thankful for the people that take the time to read my analysis, comment on it and interact with me daily. I am thankful for those that occasionally see something I tweet about and it helps them directly or at least gets them to think about it. And I am thankful to be able to share some lessons with my students about risk management that thye can spread through their lives. The first 11 months of the year has been very good to me and my clients, and hopefully to you as well.

But there is more to life than markets. Yes, the Indians and Cavs, but that is not what I mean. I am blessed to have a great family to share my life outside of work. My wife and these kids mean the world to me. Seeing this unit grow together through thick and thin has been a wonderful journey. And as the kids are getting more mature and showing their varied interests and skills I am fascinated more each day and can’t wait for the next. Also a wife that has grown into a successful entrepreneur ready to take on anything. Each day is a blessing and I am grateful to have them all.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, take some time to be with your family. Tell them how great they are. How you cannot and do not want to ever be without them. Enjoy the day. Markets will be there when you get back. Happy Thanksgiving.

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