And the Big Winner Since the Election is….

The stock market took off following the US election. Despite some recent digestion the S&P 500 is up over 9% since the vote. If you have been invested the full time congratulations. But there is another story here as well. World markets are doing just fine too. There has been recent talk of European and Emerging markets breaking higher. But this did not just happen. Some markets have been strongly outpacing the US market since November.

The chart below shows the German, Japanese, Chinese and US markets since the election. A quick review shows that the Japanese market was a huge winner in the early days, rising 20% in a month before leveling in early December. The Nikkei has not done much since then but continues to hold a very large lead over other world markets. The German market lagged for a few weeks, but at the start of December started pushing higher. And it has risen steadily ever since. Now up over 15%, it too has far outpaced the US market. Many European markets look similar.

Only the Chinese market has fared worse than the US market. The Shanghai Composite had a brief move higher that stalled and reversed. Since January it has recovered and gained, but has tailed off the last few days. This leaves it up a couple of percent over the 4 months. Yes the US stock markets have performed well since the election, but there have been much bigger winners elsewhere. Look around.

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