The Best Offense is a Great Defense

You here this a lot this time of year related to the NFL playoffs. But it applies to the stock market as well and in many ways. Most often traders or advisers are referring to risk management. But right now as well Defense Stocks are looking great too. Here are 3 to consider.

Raytheon, $RTN, has been trending higher, like all defense names. It recently broke a bullish flag higher and carries a Measured Move to 94. That is close enough to also look for the 100 roll. With a rising Relative Strength Index (RSI) and a MACD about to cross up, this is a good time to get in. You can use Monday’s low as a stop. We have a long position from Monday.


Lockheed Martin, $LMT, is another good looking chart. It also has a rising RSI and MACD that support the upside and it broke over resistance Monday. Tuesday’s action retested that break, filling the gap, and held. Using 149 as a stop is reasonable.


General Dynamics, $GD, is third on the list. It is looking to break resistance higher at 95.60 and carries a Measured Move to 102.50 when it does. The RSI and MACD support the upside on this stock as well.


There are other names as well. So do not take this list as exclusive. Trade well!

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