Be the Best You Can, At Grilling or Trading, It Doesn’t Matter

Many of you know my friend Vic Scherer (@daytrend) as a data driven trader. Constantly positing statistics about how stocks are performing intra day and relative to important dates. And some of you may know that he is also a driven barbeque enthusiast. His barbeque blog is almost as interesting as his statistics, and the pictures are better. Fewer of you might know that Vic is prone to go on a twitter rant occasionally. Usually cogent, sometimes inflamed, always impassioned. Tonight is one of those times. Tonight it is the Rules of Grilling. Here are the first 10:


This is incredible! You cannot tell me you have even 3 rules of grilling. But it is not just the process of barbequing. Vic shows two very important points. One he identifies himself between #9 and #10. Journaling to learn grilling is not very different from journaling to learn trading. Create a process to learn from your actions. Journaling can be that. The second is shown by the extent of the process in both grilling and trading. Strive to be the best you can be and continually improve. He has a lot to teach you tonight, and you did not even know it.

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