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I’m using this, my last blog post of the year, to say thank you to all those that follow me on twitter and StockTwits. Thanks to all of you that subscribe to my blog and trading service in one form or another. It has been a wonderful year. Not because we have become filthy rich or picked the top in Apple (we did not), but because we have all enriched each other’s lives. I share a lot of my ideas and thoughts, and maybe a little too much of my family time experiences, in these media. And I am flattered that so many find this stuff useful and interesting. I am here and doing this because others that are sharing inspired me to do the same. I believe that I take a lot more from this network than I contribute. And I want to take a moment to shout out some of those that I follow that put me in this deficit frequently. By the way, if you are not following them then you are missing out daily.

Technical Analysis and Charts

Derald Muniz (@1nvestor) a great multi-timeframe trader and investor, and now partner in a new venture Presidium Capital.

The mysterious Juan Doe (@fibline) who purports from the west coast but is never asleep and constantly showing his own analysis mixed with useful links for any technical trader.

J.C. Parets (@allstarcharts), a phenomenal technical analyst and now Hedge Fund manager. Knock it out of the park in 2013 J.C.

Chessnwine is someone that I have followed and dm’d with frequently. He puts me to shame with the number of blog posts with great ideas daily. I don’t know his name, and that is kind of cool.

Doug Busch (@chartsmarter) is someone I found this year when we were both focusing on the beer space. How can he not be great.

I found Fitz, (@Fitzstock2004) through the local Cleveland network (there are two of us). A little brash for some, he has stepped up his game, and giving this year with his Charts While You Sleep.

Mike (@SSTtrader) is always looking at least at 5 of the 10 names on my watchlist. A great no nonsense TA and trader.

Options Focus

Joe Kunkle (@optionshawk) seems to know when everything is happening as it happens. Great insight and technical skills as well. A must follow even for non options traders.

Adam Warner (@AGWarner) I met in NJ before moving to Cleveland. The King of the VIX and a quick wit.

Despite being from the wrong part of Ohio and a Bengals fan, Ryan Detrick (@RyanDetrick) offers great insight on the options market. I suspect he will be ramping things up in 2013.

Steven Place (@stevenplace) offers snarky and sarcastic humor to go along with great perceptions and market analysis.

Data, Sentiment and Process

Vic Scherer (@daytrend) pours through data for trends and makes a mean barbeque. With 15 chicken beasts or 4 briskets on the grill at a time it is a wonder he has time for anything but eating.

Derek Hernquist (@derekhernquist) is always lurking in the background until he comes out with a brilliant insight into his process or the broad market. Always sharing, I credit Derek with introducing me to many on this list.

Ivanhoff (@ivanhoff) the man behind the StockTwits50 and full of thoughts on the the markets.

Carson Dahlberg (@carsondahlberg) has stepped up my stream with his volatility based support and resistance analysis.

Tommy Lackey (@GTLackey), my other partner in Presidium, is one of a few that leans heavily on Relative Strength and Breadth. Vastly under-followed.

Showing insights of a 30 year market veteran, Dynamic Hedge is wise beyond his years. I met him this year and he is no more that 18.

News, Life, Interest

Jeff Carter (@pointsnfigures), trader, angel investor, family man, blogger, and most dear to me long road trip driving enthusiast.

Tadas Viskanta (@abnormalreturns) does a great job at curating the twittersphere and bringing linkfests full of greatness to your device.

Todd Sullivan (@toddsullivan), is one that I had discounted as ‘one of those Fundamental guys’, offers great insights on stocks he follows and is constantly finding information and video from the web that I can barely keep up with.

Brian Lund (@bclund) is a great combination of market intelligence, human insights and interesting knowledge rolled into a great writer.

Dasan (@Dasan) is often a bit too metrosexual for my tastes but has a keen eye for cutting through the clutter and a great instagram stream to help round out your life.

Joe Weisenthal (@thestalwart) is the future of news and I have to say that I am late to the party following him.

Josh Brown (@refromedbroker) has become a friend and is a great life hustler and proficient blogger. I even bought his book.

Dr. Phil Pearlman (@ppearlman) is another offering his life insights and a 70’s singing stylings.

Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon) is known as many as the father of Stocktwits. But he is also a great hedge fund manager, angel investor and most important, a friend to everyone he meets.

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The information in this blog post represents my own opinions and does not contain a recommendation for any particular security or investment. I or my affiliates may hold positions or other interests in securities mentioned in the Blog, please see my Disclaimer page for my full disclaimer.

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