Choosing the Best Snake Oil Salesman

“Step right up and hear how this new wonder potion will change your life….” That is what you would hear at the carnivals of yesteryear. The world of medicine has come a long way since then all the way up to genetic signature drugs. But there are vestiges of that by gone era that remain and the pitch is not very different. Not to say that they are total cons but some products of the leading natural and health supplement companies rely a lot on faith. Despite that people buy. So which one is the leader? Which stock should you own? Let’s look at some charts.

GNC Holdings, $GNC

GNC Holdings, $GNC, started a run higher in October and is currently in a bull flag, having tested the 100 day Simple Moving Average (SMA). This has been support during the move up and should it prove to hold again a move over the flag at 38 would trigger a target on a Measured Move higher to 55. Short interest over 7% could help as well.

Herbalife, $HLF

Herbalife, $HLF, got smacked off of its perch by a simple question from David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital on May 1. Since then it has based and is starting a move higher. It has resistance and a gap to fill at 48.38 higher with a move over that likely to drive to the downside of the previous range at 51.50. Not a bad 6% move, and with short interest closer to 10% it has fuel to move into the channel as well.

Vitamin Shoppe, $VSI

Vitamin Shoppe, $VSI, is consolidating at previous resistance in a bull flag near 55. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is bullish and has been since December. A break of the flag higher carries a Measured Move to 59 but a pullback sees the 50 day SMA at 50 below, where it has found support several times since March. Look to enter on a beak above the flag on on a hold at that 50 day SMA. The chart favors the upside and short interest at over 10% provides ample fuel.

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