Drug Stocks: Uppers, Downers and a Positive Reversal

The household name drug companies have taken it on the chin the last week or two falling 4 to 5%. Well, they bounced today and in a very good way technically. Look at the charts of Amgen, $AMGN, Celgene, $CELG and Pfizer, $PFE with me to see why.

Amgen, $AMGN

Amgen, $AMGN, has had a strong chart flying higher since November but after building a bull flag it ran through a period where it lost 5% over less than 2 week and had its Relative Strength Index (RSI) fall sharply from an overbought situation. Look at that last 3 months zoomed in below. Seven trading days took it lower. But the turn today shows signs of promise. The small body candle Friday at the bottom followed by the longer white candle Monday with the RSI turning back higher

Amgen, $AMGN

and holding in bullish territory is what makes it interesting to the upside. It has another shot at 70, a 2.6% move if it happens and likely in just a little time. Not too shabby. The same situation is going on in Celgene, $CELG. It is only 2.5% back to the top of its range, but notice the similarity to Amgen. Technically it is an even better entry. The RSI made a new lower low while the price did not.

Celgene, $CELG

This is a 10 day RSI Positive Reversal and has a target of 75.39 or 3% higher. But more importantly re-enforcing the candles. Pfizer, $PFE, has the same look to it but is stretched out over a longer period. This allows you to see that the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator is also improving towards a positive cross to re-enforce the whole pattern. At 21.30 it has 3% upside before reaching the top from January 17th. Another kicker here is the 4.20% dividend yield.

Pfizer, $PFE

None of these moves will make you rich unless traded in size. But did you notice that they all are moving higher with a market that is moving higher? Defensive names and the broad market all gong at once. Maybe that is the really big news.

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