Rare Earth Distribution and Recycling, LLC

On March 22, 2011 I wrote about Rare Earth stocks being in a position to blast off into orbit (link below). I have been waiting for a pullback since then to buy these stocks or think of some other play. Today would have been the day except that after the bell Monday Howard Lindzon gave me another answer. Start a Rare Earth Company. But not just any company. With the stocks of the existing companies up about 40% since I wrote that call, rare earth metals are now hotter than Gold and Silver. To capitalize on this I will start the Rare Earth Distribution and Recycling company, REDAR.

Stealing the full Coinstar model, my company will distribute re-built non-circulated Rare Earth bricks from the ‘Redbox’ distribution branch outside of former Blockbuster stores with the material collected from the ‘Coinstar’ branch using rare earth collection machines in Whole Foods Markets next to where they collect old plastic bags. A green Rare Earth Company. Genius!

Since this idea was developed through a 140 character discussion with Howard I will have to find a way to steal his part of the company, a la Facebook, so if anyone can put me in touch with Mark Zuckerberg I would appreciate it. The final step will be raising some capital. I am thinking of listing the company via one of those Reverse Chinese Merger things or answering one of my e-mails about helping get some money out of Africa. I think the Reverse Merger thing should be easier since all of the exchanges are focused on buying each other and I hear you don’t have to have real business statistics to do that either. And the kicker, you can keep the money for whatever you want do with it. By the way, this Muddy Waters guy is versatile, love his old school blues stuff from the 50’s and 60’s. Also, I will need a CFO, so if anyone out there is interested hit me up on StockTwits and twitter, business suit required but no experience necessary.

America, land of innovation. I love it!

Rare Earth Metals are Out of this World, No Really!

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